I have been a patient of Perfect Smile for over six months and have been treated on five occasions. On every visit I found the office to be very comfortable and well kept, and I’ve been treated professionally by all levels of staff. Dr. Akel has been very attentive and informative, and I am more than satisfied with the treatment I have received. I would recommend Perfect Smile to anyone seeking dental treatment.

- Roy C.

I referred my friends and family to Dr. Akel and they, like myself, love going to the dentist now. Dr. Akel’s practice Perfect Smile Dentistry runs like a well oiled machine. No waiting, professionalism at all levels, a boutique-like spa atmosphere, the latest equipment, on-site lab, and so much more. The patient is number one at Perfect Smile. I’ve had numerous procedures conducted by Dr. Akel and they’ve all been pain-free. He has an amazing demeanor that is non-threatening, comforting, charismatic, and is a joy to be around. I wish all of my healthcare providers could be like Dr. Akel. In fact, I’m so devoted to Dr. Akel that I drive over an hour to see him, when I have a choice of 50+ dentist in a 5 mile radius. Did I mention that this is a family-run business too? Dr. Akel and Perfect Smile Dentistry have an amazing combination of ingredients resulting in a more than perfect experience.

- Tricia S.

I was 11 years old when I first wore metal braces on my teeth. They were extremely uncomfortable, embarrassing and hard to keep clean. I wore them for more than 24 months. Several years later, my bottom teeth began to crowd. By the time I was in my 40s, one of my bottom teeth started to crack. When I discovered that Dr. Akel was an invisalign certified dentist, I couldn’t wait to get started on the program. Not having permanent wire fixtures in my mouth was the perfect solution to my problem. There was absolutely no pain involved, and because the aligners were removable, I was able to seat and brush my teeth without any difficulty. Now, after nine months, my treatment is complete and my teeth are perfectly straight. The whole experience was so easy. Dr. Akel’s staff is exceptionally friendly and very accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Akel and all of his staff at Perfect Smile Dentistry.

- Alex M.

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that yesterday my mother came to your office for a root canal….Well….she raved about Dr. Akel …referred to him as a “PRINCE”; said that he was so kind and sweet and made a not so pleasant procedure a joy.  She had NO pain or discomfort during or anytime after the procedure. Apparently she really enjoyed her appointment LOL.  Being that she is a senior with many health issues I worry, however, clearly she is in good hands with Dr.Akel!

Thank you Dr.Akel and staff at Perfect Smile dentistry,

- Juli K

All the personnel that work here are very nice. The doctors and their assistants are very professional and their performance is high-quality. They take good care of my family’s smiles.

- Marcia G.

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